Thursday, 20 March 2014

Starting A Fresh... Choies WishList!

Hello my fellow fashion lovers,

It's been a while and i thought i would just start a fresh with blogging and see where it takes me. I may have a great opportunity in the future, if everything works out i will hopefully be working with choies. However, lets not talk about me too much..  It's time to talk about my Choies WishList. It's becoming one of my favourite online stores so i thought i'd start this in the month of march. 

                                                           1. Burgundy Skort

This skort is just the thing you need for a warm breezy day in S/S 14. Although, i live in the UK and good weather comes once in a blue moon, this could be perfectly paired with a crop top and some cut out boots for an effortless daytime look. 

2. Harlem Jeans 

I've always loved the idea of ripped baggy jeans in the summer; they are so effortless and very convenient. They can be dressed up or dressed down to your choosing. A classic look would have to be these jeans, a plain white tee and brogues.

3.   Black Cut Out Boots

These works of art   OMG! They are expensive but if you're willing to splash the cash for this gift from the gods i suggest you buy these babies. Beautiful patient boots that really won't go out of style for a very long time. You can dress with a casual daytime dress, toughen it up with a leather jacket and some jeans or dress up with a beautiful matching two piece suit.